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Loan Insurance for Overweight Borrower

If you want to realize your plan to buy a home but you are overweight, your bank may refuse to cover you because it is an “aggravated health risk” and therefore refuse to grant you your home loan.

Insure a home loan in case of overweight

Subscription to a loan insurance is not legally required when borrowing. But banks today all require that it be underwritten to grant a mortgage because it is a guarantee for them to collect the refund of credit in case of death, disability, incapacity for work or still unemployed the borrower. They thus systematically offer their own insurance: the “group contract”.

But this type of insurance only offers a standard level of coverage spread over all members and therefore does not cover high risks: aggravated health risks, occupational risks, sports or leisure risks, borrower too old. Overweight is classified in the category of “aggravated health risks”, you must go in search of an individual insurance specific to obesity risk.

Delegation insurance loan risk aggravated overweight health

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The Lagarde law of 1 September 2010 offers borrowers the possibility of resorting to “insurance delegation”: they can take out other loan insurance than that presented to them by the lending institution. You can seize this opportunity to put insurance companies and insurers specialized in aggravated health risks in competition to choose the best insurance contract credit risk aggravated overweight health market.

Make a comparison of overweight health risk insurance

Make a comparison of overweight health risk insurance

The comparator insurance borrower online which is available on our site allows you to access very quickly loan insurance offers that match your situation of borrower with risk aggravated overweight health. You can then apply to receive the best overweight health credit insurance quotes from the market.

  • Comparator Insurance Loan Overweight
  • Overweight Credit Insurance Rate
  • Free reminder of a dedicated advisor

3 reasons to delegate your insurance with overweight risk:

3 reasons to delegate your insurance with overweight risk:

  1. You are well informed and advised on your choice of overweight health risk insurance by a dedicated advisor.
  2. You choose your overweight health risk insurance policy from those that are most beneficial to you in terms of coverage and price.
  3. Your bank will not be able to refuse your delegation of insurance health risk overweight and you will thus obtain your mortgage.

The AERAS convention

The AERAS (Insurance and Borrowing with an Enhanced Health Risk) agreement is a scheme designed to help people who are ill or have been sick to find a loan insurance and access the loan.

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  • Contact an adviser specialized in risk aggravated overweight health
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Borrower question related to overpopulation problem

  • I was rejected from the macif and generalized for a question of overweight, at the time I was 153kg I underwent an operation of obesity (sleeve). I lost 27kg (currently 126Kg). I have no other health concerns.


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